mermaid pout


Love glitter and mermaids just as much as we do? Get the look with our simple step by step tutorial below.

Achieve the perfect Mermaid Pout:

  1. Apply our Carousel Gloss in Snowsicle as base
  2. Use a flat brush to dab Zodiac Glitter in Pisces lightly over gloss until lips are fully coated
  3. Using plastic iridescent star and hexagon shaped craft glitter, apply larger chunks randomly and evenly over lips
  4. Voila! You’ve got mermaid lips and are ready for the perfect selfie

Glitter facts & tips:

  • Cosmetic glitter is made of special plastic and is non-toxic
  • Cosmetic glitter won’t hurt you unless you eat a LOT of it!
  • Cosmetic glitter is more finely grind and cut into a circular shape, reducing the risk of sharp edges
  • Old school craft glitter was generally made of metal (but is rare to find these days)
  • Modern craft glitter is usually manufactured from plastic
  • Craft glitters are usually cut at angles, such as hexagons, triangles or squares (We don’t recommend using craft glitter on or near the eyes!)
  • If using craft glitter on your skin our lips we recommend always using some type of adhesive such as; glitter glue, gloss, gel etc.
  • Removing glitter: Use an oil-based eye makeup remover on a cotton swob, and wipe away from your mouth or eyes
  • Got glitter in your eye: DON’T RUB! Use eye drops or splash water into your eye to rinse out. Should your eye continue to be irritated see a doctor

As you’ve probably noticed, we are obsessed with anything glitter! Let us know in comments below if you’d rock this glitter mermaid pout.  And if you decide to give it a try be sure to tag #limecrime so we can see your looks!


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