get the look: freckles & sparkling lips

Hello Unicorns! Doe Deere here. ūüôā

This is the look I did on Cherub for the Lime Crime Last Dance With Penny Lane lookbook. Cherub has lavender hair, a gold tooth and a sassy personality to boot Рwhat fun to take it all to the next level with makeup!

For the eyes, I used the green eyeshadow¬†from the Aquataenia palette (back for a limited time, don’t miss out!), shading outer corners with dark brown. I lined her eyes with black¬†liner and added small iridescent rhinestones to make her eyes pop¬†even more. Just use eyelash glue to adhere!

Lips are the focal point of the look – I went bold with iridescent glitter called¬†Ophiuchus (named after a Zodiac sign everybody thought was real for a moment, but it turned out not to be!). Glitter won’t stick to lips by itself¬†– and¬†my favorite base is lipstick! Pick¬†a lip color that’s already similar to the glitter in shade¬†– in this case, Chinchilla since it has the same lavender-grey undertone as Ophiucus. Paint the lips like you normally would, and pop the glitter on top with a flat brush. Voila!

My favorite part is¬†the freckles. I¬†dotted Blue Milk eyeliner in a random pattern, concentrating on her¬†nose and upper cheeks. If you’re an eyeliner newbie, you’ll love these babies¬†– they have a small handle with a precise brush that’s super easy to use and gives you a steady¬†line every time.

Till next time! Let me know what you’d like to see next!

Doe Deere


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